Software technical support and software updates

HP provides 90 days of limited technical support with the purchase of a base license for the HP VAN SDN Controller.

Some HP SDN applications have a trial period, during which limited technical support is provided for 90 days. Other HP SDN applications do not have a trial period and you must purchase a base license for the application to receive 90 days of limited support. Support for the controller and each HP SDN application is purchased separately, but you must have a base license for the controller to receive support for your licensed HP SDN application.

Care Packs

To supplement the technical support provided with the purchase of a license, HP offers a wide variety of Care Packs that provide full technical support at 9x5 or 24x7 availability with annual or multi-year options. To purchase a Care Pack for an HP SDN application, you must have a license for that application and a license for the controller.

For a list of Care Packs available for the controller and HP SDN applications, see:

Enter the SDN license product number to see a list of Care Packs offered.

Once registered, you receive a service contract in the mail containing the customer service phone number and your SAID. You need the SAID when you phone for technical support.

To obtain full technical support prior to receiving the service contract in the mail, please call Technical Support with the proof of purchase of the Care Pack.

Obtaining software updates

The software for the HP VAN SDN Controller and HP SDN applications can be downloaded for free from the HP Networking support lookup tool:

This website also provides links for manuals, electronic case submission, and other support functions.


For the software end user license agreement and warranty information for HP Networking products, see