Topology Manager

Topology Manager

The Topology Manager provides topology information of the control domain. It also facilitates shortest path traversals through the control domain by computing low cost next-hops or link edge weight between any two datapaths in the control domain. Topology Manager creates the clusters and broadcast tree to avoid loops and broadcast storms. The Topology Manager:

  • Indicates whether a connection point is part of Infrastructure or is connected to an end host

  • Indicates whether ingress broadcast traffic can be allowed through a specified connection point

  • Verifies if a path exists between two datapaths

  • Identifies the shortest path between two datapaths based on hop count or link edge weight

  • Provides enumeration of the grouping of datapaths into clusters of strongly connected nodes

  • For a given datapath, provides information about the cluster to which the datapath belongs

  • Provides information about number of datapaths, number of links and number of clusters in the current topology

The Topology Manager provides notifications to subscribed applications about changes in its broadcast tress and cluster. Applications that subscribe to these notifications can use the information to respond to changes in topology.

Topology Manager configurable components

The Topology Manager does not have any controller configurable components.