NOTE: SDN applications can require licenses that are separate from the licenses for the controller. Typically, you must have both a license for the controller and a license for each application. For HP SDN applications, you register the license, obtain the license key, and activate the license on the controller using the same methods you use to register and activate controller licenses. For information about obtaining license keys for an application, see the administrator guide for the application.

License registration and activation process

NOTE: To maintain license registration and activation across an HP VAN SDN Controller software update, refer to “License types, usage, and expiration”.

After you have downloaded and installed the controller software, as described in the HP VAN SDN Controller Installation Guide, you can begin the license registration and activation process. The basic steps are:

  1. Preparing for license registration and activation:

    1. Verify registration prerequisites

    2. Identify the Install ID displayed in the controller GUI.

  2. Registering and activating a license:

    1. Use the HP My Networking portal to enter your order information, register a license, and obtain a license key

    2. Use the license key to activate the license on the controller

  3. Managing licenses:

    • Transfer licenses:

      1. Uninstall licenses to prepare for transfer

      2. Transfer licenses to a new platform

      3. Use new license keys to activate the licenses on the target controller.

License types, usage, and expiration

The following licenses are available for the HP VAN SDN Controller:

  • High Availability “Add Controller” license (HP VAN SDN Ctrl HA E-LTU)—Enables the controller to form a team for increased availability. The following guidelines apply:

    • The number of team members for an HP VAN SDN Controller team is three.

    • When forming a team, only one HP VAN SDN Controller base license is required, along with at least two High Availability licenses, all on the same Master controller. Once a team is formed, Add Nodes licenses can be added to the team leader for increased support. In addition, you must:

      • Use non-previously licensed controller installations to form the team.

      • Use a new hardware platform (or Virtual Machine) with a new installation of the HP VAN SDN Controller.

      • Run the same software version on all controllers.

  • Application Licenses—Refer to the administrator guide for the specific application.