License troubleshooting

Table 9 lists recommended solutions for possible error messages that might display during the controller license registration and activation process.

Error messages and recommended solutions

SymptomPossible cause and recommendation
Redeem quantity error
  • You see an error message that your license has a maximum redeem quantity.

You specified a license quantity that exceeds what your license type supports.

  1. Return to the My Network portal license selection screen.

  2. Enter the correct quantity in the Redeem column for your license type:

    • For an HP VAN SDN Ctrl Base SW w/ 50–node E-LTU license, the quantity must be 1.

    • For HP VAN SDN Ctrl 50–node E-LTU or HP VAN SDN Ctrl HA E-LTU licenses, quantity can be any quantity on your sales order.

    For information about installing an application license, see the administration guide for the specific application.

Install ID errors
  • You see an error message that your Install ID format is invalid.

You entered an invalid ID, or have not entered an ID.
  1. Carefully check your Install ID. See Identifying the install ID.

  2. Return to the license registration details screen and enter a valid value in the Install ID field.

  • You see an error message that your Install ID is required.

The Install ID has not been entered in the portal during the registration process. To acquire and enter the install ID, see “Identifying the install ID”and Figure 29.