Managing licenses

Transferring licenses

You can transfer a license from one controller to another. To do so, you must first uninstall all licenses from the controller.

NOTE: Keeping a license on one controller while transferring one or more other licenses from the same controller to another controller is not permitted.

When upgrading to version 2.3, no special effort is required to preserve the licenses. Note that the license transfer mechanism is only required when you want to switch the SDN Controller currently running hardware. You must install the SDN Controller on the new hardware and transfer the licenses to that new hardware before retiring the old hardware.

Before you transfer licenses

Before you transfer licenses, you must first:

Uninstalling licenses to prepare for transfer

When you deactivate a license, the controller generates an Uninstall Key for that license, which you will need when you transfer the license. Be prepared to record the Uninstall Key for each license you deactivate. The Uninstall Key is a long text string. For example:


To uninstall a license using the controller UI, use the following procedure.

  1. From the navigation menu, select Licenses.

  2. Select the license to uninstall.

  3. Click Deactivate.

    Click OK when the deactivation prompt appears:

  4. Record the Uninstall key appearing in the Uninstall Key field for that license.

  5. Repeat the preceding steps for each of the remaining licenses on the controller.

Transferring licenses

After you have uninstalled all of the licenses for a controller, you can transfer them to another controller.

To transfer licenses:

  1. Log on to the My Networking portal at

  2. From the My Licenses section, select Transfer licenses to a new platform.

  3. In the Search field, enter the Install ID for the controller from which you uninstalled the license, and then click Search.

    The transfer license screen displays a list of associated licenses, as shown in Figure 37.

    Selecting licenses to transfer

    Selecting licenses to transfer

  4. Click the Select icon next to the license to be transferred.

    The license details screen appears, as shown in Figure 38.

    Reviewing details before transfer

    Reviewing details before transfer

  5. Verify that this is the license you want to transfer, and then click Next.

    The target install ID screen appears (Figure 39).

    Entering target install and uninstall IDs

    Entering target install and uninstall IDs

  6. In the screen in Figure 39, do the following:

    1. In the Target Install ID field, enter the Install ID of the controller to which you want to transfer the license.

    2. In each Uninstall field, enter a license uninstall key. (For more on acquiring uninstall keys, see Section .)

      NOTE: In order for the transfer process to succeed, you must enter an Uninstall value for every registered license.

    3. Click on the Transfer button in the lower-right corner of the screen.

    New license registration information displays on the license transfer confirmation screen and license details screen, as shown in Figure 40.

    Viewing license transfer confirmation and details screens

    Viewing license transfer confirmation and details screens

  7. Review the confirmation screen details.

  8. For each license you are transferring, record the new license key so that it will be available when you add and activate the license on the new controller.

  9. Optional: To e-mail transferred license details:

    1. Enter one or more e-mail addresses, separated by a comma or semi-colon in the field provided.

    2. Optional: Enter Comments about this license transfer.

    3. Click Send email.

The license screen displays the status of the original licenses as Transferred, and the new Install IDs as Active, as shown in Figure 41.

Review transferred license status screens

Review transferred license status screens

To register the transferred licenses on the new controller, see “Activating a license on the controller”.