Export audit log data as a CSV file

To export the audit log use the following command:

curl [options] -H "X-Auth-Token: <token>"\
-H "Accept-Type: application/zip" \
       https://<controller_ip>:8443/sdn/v2.0/auditlog \
   -o <zip-file-name>

To acquire the token for the command, see “Installing, activating, uninstalling, or transferring licenses”.

For example, to export the current content in the controller audit log in a file named auditlogExport.CSV inside a zip file:

curl -ksS -H "X-Auth-Token:3d61f0d3e61349359e6dbd82ec02c113" \
                      -H "Accept-Type: application/zip" \
                      -o auditlogExport.zip