Chapter 9 Team configuration (experimental)

NOTE: In release 2.4 of the HP VAN SDN Controller, High Availability (HA) and the associated Teaming and Regional operation are provided as a technical preview. For more information, see the release notes provided for controller version 2.4.

Standalone controller operation provides management for the OpenFlow switches in a network. However, it does not provide high availability (HA), with the result that a controller failure leaves the network in an unmanaged state. Configuring a team of controllers and a corresponding controller region creates a high availability network with failover capability, resulting in a continuously managed network in the event that a controller in the team goes down. Controller teaming also provides centralized controller configuration and monitoring. This chapter describes how to configure a controller team. See Regional configuration (experimental) to configure a region for a controller team.

NOTE: Teaming operation requires the High Availability “Add Controller” license (HP VAN SDN Ctrl HA E-LTU). For licensing information, see “License registration and activation process”.