NounURIVerbQuery parametersCommentsOF version
Clusters/clustersGET List all loop-free clusters1.3
/clusters/{cluster_uid}/treeGET Get information on a given cluster tree1.3
Links/linksGETdpidList all links. If dpid is presented, list all neighboring links with respect to that dpid. 
Paths/paths/forwardGETsrc_dpid, dest_dpidGet forward path between the given source and destination (match not supported for this version of the HP VAN SDN Controller) 
Nodes/nodesGETvid, node_ip, dpid, port_idList all managed hosts 
Diagnostics/diag/observationsGETpacket_uid, packet_typeList all observation posts 
/diag/observationsPOST Create a new observation post 
/diag/observationsDELETE Delete an observation post 
/diag/packetsGETTypeList all packets 
/diag/packetsPOST Create a packet (type=<tcp, udp, icmp, dhcp, icmpv6, dhcpv6) 
/diag/packets/ {packet_uid}GET Get info on a packet 
/diag/packets/ {packet_uid}DELETE Delete a packet 
/diag/packets/ {packet_uid} /pathGET Get the expected ordered path links based on the packet uid 
/diag/packets/ {packet_uid}/nexthopGETsrc_dpidGet the next hop switch based on the packet uid and the current dpid that the packet is at 
/diag/packets/ {packet_uid}/actionPOST Take an action (e.g., “simulate”) on a packet 
Devices/devicesGET List all devices discovered 
/devices/{uid}GETId of the deviceList details of a specific device matching the Id 
/devices/{uid}/interfacesGETId of the deviceList all interfaces associated to the device matching the Id 
/devices/{uid}DELETEId of the deviceDelete the device matching the Id 
Keys/keys/{type}GETKey type – SNMP or NETCONFList all keys matching the type 
/keys/{type}/description/{description}GETKey type, description of the key List details of the key matching the description 
/keys/POST Add a device key  
/keys/{type}/description/{description}DELETEKey type, description of the fileDelete a key matching type and description