Configuring VLAN termination
VLAN termination types
VLAN termination application scenarios
Configuration restrictions and guidelines
VLAN termination configuration task list
Configuring Dot1q termination
Configuring ambiguous Dot1q termination
Configuring unambiguous Dot1q termination
Configuring QinQ termination
Configuring ambiguous QinQ termination
Configuring unambiguous QinQ termination
Configuring untagged termination
Configuring default termination
Enabling a VLAN termination-enabled interface to transmit broadcasts and multicasts
Configuring the TPID for VLAN-tagged packets
VLAN termination configuration examples
Unambiguous Dot1q termination configuration example
Ambiguous Dot1q termination configuration example
Configuration example for Dot1q termination supporting PPPoE server
Unambiguous QinQ termination configuration example
Ambiguous QinQ termination configuration example
Configuration example for QinQ termination supporting PPPoE server
Configuration example for QinQ termination supporting DHCP relay
Configuring LLDP
Basic concepts
Working mechanism
Protocols and standards
LLDP configuration task list
Performing basic LLDP configurations
Enabling LLDP
Setting the LLDP bridge mode
Setting the LLDP operating mode
Setting the LLDP reinitialization delay
Enabling LLDP polling
Configuring the advertisable TLVs
Configuring the management address and its encoding format
Setting other LLDP parameters
Setting an encapsulation format for LLDP frames
Disabling LLDP PVID inconsistency check
Configuring LLDP trapping and LLDP-MED trapping
Setting the source MAC address of LLDP frames to the MAC address of the subinterface associated with the specified VLAN
Enabling the device to generate ARP or ND entries for received management address LLDP TLVs
Displaying and maintaining LLDP
LLDP configuration examples
Basic LLDP configuration example
Document conventions and icons
Network topology icons
Support and other resources
Accessing Hewlett Packard Enterprise Support
Accessing updates
Customer self repair
Remote support
Documentation feedback