Message handling

NonStop SQL/MX reports exception condition messages at the SQL/MX conversational interface (MXCI) window, in SQL preprocessor and compiler listings, and during the execution of embedded SQL programs.

You obtain the error messages that result from the execution of an SQL statement within an embedded program in C or COBOL by using the GET DIAGNOSTICS statement to access the SQL diagnostics area. For detailed information about accessing SQL/MX messages in a programmatic environment, see the SQL/MP Programming Manual for C.

Most SQL/MX exception condition messages describe error conditions for which recovery action is required. Some messages are warnings that provide information for which no action is required.

Error messages that appear in response to SQL/MX commands are logged to the MXCI application's log file if you have used the LOG command to request them.

The format of an SQL/MX error is "*** ERROR" followed by the error number in brackets, and the descriptive text. Use the error number shown to find information about a particular error in this manual. For example, information for SQL/MX error 1125 can be found under "SQL 1125."

Messages and events are listed in this manual in numeric order, broken down by the component that produced them.