Viewing SQL/MX messages

SQL 1000

The message key is a sequential SQL/MX message number that is returned automatically by NonStop SQL/MX when an exception condition occurs. For example, this message might be displayed within your application development tool while you prepare an embedded SQL program:

*** ERROR[1000] A syntax error occurred.

This message number is the SQLCODE value (without the sign). In this manual, you will find this message information for ERROR[1000]:

1000 A syntax error occurred.


You specified a statement with incorrect syntax.


The SQL/MX statement fails.


Correct the syntax and resubmit.

From MXCI, use the ERROR command to:

  • Look up a message by its SQLCODE.

  • Display information for a message, including its SQLCODE, the SQLSTATE values for the SQLCODE, and the message text.

For more information about the ERROR command and its cause, effect, and recovery details, see the SQL/MX Reference Manual.