MVRP functionality and limitations

MIB support

The MVRP feature supports objects in the following standard MIBs:
  • IEEE8021-Q-BRIDGE-MIB (Version 200810150000Z)

  • IEEE8021-BRIDGE-MIB (Version 200810150000Z)

It also supports MVRP objects in the HPE proprietary MIB:

  • HPE-MVRP-MIB (hpeMvrp.mib)

MVRP limitations

  • MVRP is only supported on L2 trunk ports.

  • MVRP and VLAN translation cannot be enabled on the same interface.
  • MVRP will propagate only the first 1024 VLANs. This number includes existing static VLANs locally. For example, if a peer device already has 100 static VLANs, then it can only learn 924 VLANs.

  • MVRP and PVST cannot be enabled at the same time.

  • For security purposes, MVRP is disabled by default. MVRP packets are blocked on MVRP disabled ports, but can be enabled on ports that are security enabled.

  • MVRP supports 1024 VLANs and 512 logical ports.

  • If MVRP is enabled globally, MVRP is automatically enabled on LAG interfaces and cannot be disabled.