Configuring MVRP

  1. Enable MVRP globally on all interfaces or only for specific interfaces with the command mvrp.
  2. By default, MVRP supports dynamic registration and deregistration of VLANs on all interfaces. If required, customize the behavior for each interface with the command mvrp registration.
  3. If required, adjust the MVRP timers from their default values with the command mvrp timer. To avoid frequent registrations and deregistrations, use the same MVRP timer values throughout the network.
  4. Review your MVRP configuration settings with the commands show mvrp config, show mvrp state, and show mvrp statistics.


This example creates the following configuration:

  • Enables MVRP on all interfaces.
  • Sets interface 1/1/1 to ignore VLAN 100.
switch(config)# mvrp
switch(config)# interface 1/1/1
switch(config-if)# mvrp registration forbidden 100
switch(config-if)# mvrp
switch(config-if)# quit
switch# show mvrp config
Configuration and Status - MVRP
Global MVRP status : Disabled
Port    Status    Registration Join  Leave  LeaveAll Periodic
                  Type         Timer Timer  Timer    Timer
------- -------- --------      -----  ----- ------   --------
1/1/1   Disabled  Normal         20   300   1000     100
switch# show mvrp state 1/1/1
Configuration and Status - MVRP state for VLAN 1
Port   VLAN Registrar Applicant
            State     State
-----  ---- -------- ---------
1/1/1  1     MT       QA