aaa accounting all-mgmt


aaa accounting all-mgmt <CONNECTION-TYPE> start-stop {local | group <GROUP-LIST>}

no aaa accounting all-mgmt <CONNECTION-TYPE>


Defines accounting as being local (with the name local) (the default). Or defines a sequence of remote AAA server groups to be accessed for accounting purposes.

For remote accounting, the information is sent to the first reachable remote server that was configured with this command for remote accounting. If no remote server is reachable, local accounting remains available. Each available connection type (channel) can be configured individually as either local or using remote AAA server groups. All server groups named in your command, must exist. This command can be issued multiple times, once for each connection type. Local is always available for any connection type not configured for remote accounting.


The system accounting log is not associated with any connection type (channel) and is therefore sent to the accounting method configured on the default connection type (channel) only.

The no form of this command removes for the specified connection type, any defined remote AAA server group accounting sequence. Local accounting is available for connection types without a configured remote AAA server group list (whether default or for the specific connection type).

Command context




One of these connection types (channels):

Defines a list of accounting server groups to be used for the default connection type. This configuration applies to all other connection types (console, https-server, ssh) that are not explicitly configured with this command. For example, if you do not use aaa accounting all-mgmt console... to define the console accounting list, then this default configuration is used for console.

Defines a list of accounting server groups to be used for the console connection type.


Defines a list of accounting server groups to be used for the https-server (REST, Web UI) connection type.


Defines a list of accounting server groups to be used for the ssh connection type.


Selects accounting information capture at both the beginning and end of a process.


Selects local-only accounting when used without the group parameter.

group <GROUP-LIST>

Specifies the list of remote AAA server group names. Each name can be specified one time. Predefined remote AAA group names tacacs and radius are available. Although not a group name, predefined name local is available. User-defined TACACS+ and RADIUS server group names may also be used. The remote AAA server groups are accessed in the order that the group names are listed in this command. Within each group, the servers are accessed in the order in which the servers were added to the group. Server groups are defined using command aaa group server and servers are added to a server group with the command server.


Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command.


Local accounting is always active. It cannot be turned off.


Setting local accounting for the default connection type:

switch(config)# aaa accounting all-mgmt default start-stop local

Setting local accounting for the console connection type:

switch(config)# aaa accounting all-mgmt console start-stop local