rate-limit {broadcast | multicast | icmp {ip-all | ipv4 | ipv6}} <RATE> {kbps | pps}

no rate-limit {broadcast | multicast | icmp}


Sets the amount of traffic of a specific type that can ingress on an Ethernet port, or on each port of a LAG interface. Rate limits are enforced separately on each individual member of a LAG, not on the LAG as a whole.

The no form of this command removes the traffic limit for the specified traffic type.

Command context



{broadcast | multicast | icmp {ip-all | ipv4 | ipv6}}

Specifies the type of ingress traffic to which the rate limit applies: broadcast, multicast, or ICMP.

The multicast rate limit affects multicast and broadcast traffic. The broadcast rate limit only affects broadcast traffic. When both types are applied to the same interface, broadcast packets are limited to the lower of the two rate values. Layer 2 BPDU packets, like spanning tree, are also included in the multicast rate limit.

The ICMP rate limit can be configured to apply to IPv4, IPv6, or all IP traffic. Only one ICMP rate-limit can be configured at a time. Applying a new ICMP rate-limit replaces any previous ICMP rate-limit.

<RATE> {kbps | pps}

Specifies the rate limit. Range: 64 to 100000000 kbps (in steps of 64 kbps), or 64 to 209090910 kbps (in steps of 64 pps). The actual rate limit varies with steps approximately equal to the minimum value. Verify the actual rate limit using the command show interface <INTERFACE-NAME>.


Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command.


Limiting broadcast traffic to 2000 pps on interface 3:

switch(config)# interface 1/3/3
switch(config-if)# rate-limit broadcast 500 kbps

Limiting all ICMP IPv4 traffic to 10000 kbps on interface 3:

switch(config)# interface 1/3/3
switch(config-if)# rate-limit icmp ipv4 10000 kbps

Viewing the results of the previous configuration settings.

switch# show interface 1/3/3 qos
 Interface 1/3/3 is up
 Admin state is up
 Hardware: Ethernet, MAC Address: 08:97:34:b1:20:00
 MTU 1500
 Type 1000BT
 qos trust none
 rate-limit broadcast 2000 pps
 (2000 actual)
 rate-limit icmp ip-all 10000 kbps
 (10000 actual)
 Speed 1000 Mb/s
 L3 Counters: Rx Disabled, Tx Disabled
 Auto-Negotiation is on
 Flow-control: off
            0 input packets              0 bytes
            0 input error                0 dropped
            0 CRC/FCS
            0 packets, 0 bytes
          127 output packets         16510 bytes
            0 input error                0 dropped
            0 collision
            0 packets, 0 bytes