show lldp neighbor


show lldp neighbor [<INTERFACE-ID>]


Displays detailed information about a particular neighbor connected to a particular interface.

Command context

Operator (>) or Manager (#)



Specifies an interface. Format: member/slot/port


Operators or Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command. Operators can execute this command from the operator context (>) only.


Showing LLDP neighbor information when there is only one neighbor:

switch# show lldp neighbor-info 1/1/10

Port                           : 1/1/10
Neighbor Entries               : 1
Neighbor Entries Deleted       : 0
Neighbor Entries Dropped       : 0
Neighbor Entries Aged-Out      : 0
Neighbor Chassis-Name          : 84:d4:7e:ce:5d:68
Neighbor Chassis-Description   : ArubaOS (MODEL: 325), Version Aruba IAP
Neighbor Chassis-ID            : 84:d4:7e:ce:5d:68
Neighbor Management-Address    :
Chassis Capabilities Available : Bridge, WLAN
Chassis Capabilities Enabled   :
Neighbor Port-ID               : 84:d4:7e:ce:5d:68
Neighbor Port-Desc             : eth0
TTL                            : 120
Neighbor Port VLAN ID          :
Neighbor PoEplus information   : DOT3
Neighbor Device Type           : TYPE2 PD
Neighbor Power Priority        : Unkown
Neighbor Power Source          : Primary
Neighbor Power Requested       : 25.0 W
Neighbor Power Allocated       : 0.0 W
Neighbor Power Supported       : No
Neighbor Power Enabled         : No
Neighbor Power Class           : 5
Neighbor Power Paircontrol     : No
Neighbor Power Pairs           : SIGNAL