show resources


show resources [<SLOT-ID>] [vsx-peer]


Shows hardware resource consumption for the specified VSF member or for all VSF members. Resource data is updated every 10 seconds.

Hardware resource consumption information is shown for:
  • TCAM entries

  • TCAM lookups

  • Policers

Command context

Operator (>) or Manager (#)



Specifies the VSF member.


Shows the output from the VSX peer switch. If the switches do not have the VSX configuration or the ISL is down, the output from the VSX peer switch is not displayed. This parameter is available on switches that support VSX.


Operators or Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command. Operators can execute this command from the operator context (>) only.


The widths for show resources can have features combined (IPv4 + IPv6) into one TCAM lookup. Therefore, the table widths for each ACL/classifier policy type are variable depending on what is applied. For example:

  "Ingress IP Port ACL" = Ingress v4 Port ACLs + Ingress v6 Port ACLs
                        = 1 TCAM entry + 4 TCAM entries
                        = 5 TCAM entries

Widths per feature are as follows:

MAC ACL    1
IPv4 ACL   1
IPv6 ACL   4
MAC Class  1
IPv4 Class 2
IPv6 Class 4

A MAC Class with an ethertype of "any" has a width of 7 because it uses one TCAM entry each for MAC, IPv4, and IPv6. Specifying the IPv4 (0x0800) or IPv6 (0x86DD) ethertypes in a MAC Class uses a TCAM entry equal to their respective size. IPv4 uses a width of 2 and IPv6 uses a width of 4.


Showing hardware resource consumption on a 6200 switch:

switch# show resources

Resource Usage:

Mod  Description
         Resource                                   Used     Free
1/1  Ingress IP Port ACL Lookup
         Ingress TCAM Entries                         20     1004 
         Ingress Lookups                               1        4
         Egress Lookups                                0        2
         Ingress Policers                              0     2048
         Egress Policers                               0     2048