subject [common-name <COMMON-NAME>] [country <COUNTRY>] [locality <LOCALITY>]
        [org <ORG-NAME>] [org-unit <ORG-UNIT>] [state <STATE>]


Sets the subject fields for the current leaf certificate. If the common-name parameter is not specified, then you are prompted to define a value for each field. If a configured value exists for any field, it is presented as the default.

The subject fields of the default certificate local-cert cannot be changed.

Command context



common-name <COMMON-NAME>
Specifies the common name.
country <COUNTRY>
Specifies the region.
locality <LOCALITY>
Specifies the locality.
org <ORG-NAME>
Specifies the organization.
org-unit <ORG-UNIT>
Specifies the organizational unit.
state <STATE>
Specifies the state.


Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command.


Setting subject fields for the leaf certificate leaf-cert:

switch(config-cert-leaf-cert)# subject common-name Leaf01 country US 
locality CA org Company org-unit Site state CA 

Setting subject fields for the leaf certificate leaf-cert interactively:

switch(config-cert-leaf-cert)# subject 
Do you want to use the switch serial number as the common name (y/n)? n
Enter Common Name : Leaf01
Enter Org Unit : Site
Enter Org Name : Company
Enter Locality : Rocklin
Enter State : CA
Enter Country : US