vsf split-detect


vsf split-detect <MGMT-INTERFACE>


Configures the VSF split detection method that specifies the mechanism used for stack fragment discovery when there is a stack split.

Once the stack fragments are discovered, the fragment having the primary member always wins. All non-VSF interfaces on the losing stack fragment will be brought down to minimize network disruption due to duplicate MAC/IP.

Command context



Configures mgmt-interface as the split detection method. Connect the management interfaces of the primary and secondary members to the same L2 network. Optionally, the management interfaces of primary and secondary can be directly connected to each other.


Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command.


Configuring mgmt-interface as the split detection method:

switch(config)# vsf split-detect mgmt-interface

Removing split detection from the stack:

switch(config)# no vsf split-detect