vsx update-software


vsx update-software <REMOTE-URL> [vrf <VRF-NAME>]


This command lets you update the software.

Command context

Manager (#)



Specifies the TFTP URL for downloading the software. Syntax: tftp://{<IP-ADDRESS>|<HOSTNAME>}[:<PORT>][;blocksize=<VAL>]/<FILE-NAME>

vrf <VRF-NAME>

Specifies the VRF name for downloading the software. Optional


Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command.


This command gives you the option to save the running configuration on the primary and secondary VSX switches. After the command saves the running configuration, it downloads new software from the TFTP server and verifies the download. After a successful verification, the command installs the software to the alternative image of both the VSX primary and secondary switches.

The command displays the status of the VSX primary and secondary switches during the upgrade. The command also refreshes the progress bar as the image update progresses. Do not interrupt the VSX primary CLI session until the software updates completes; however, software update process can be stopped. If you stop the upgrade when the secondary switch has already installed the image in its flash memory or the secondary switch has started the reboot the process, it comes up with the new software. The primary switch continues to have with older software. You can stop the software update process by pressing ctrl+c.


Updating the software using TFTP:

switch# vsx update-software tftp:// vrf mgmt
Do you want to save the current configuration (y/n)? y
The running configuration was saved to the startup configuration.

This command will download new software to the %s image of both the VSX primary and secondary systems, 
then reboot them in sequence. The VSX secondary will reboot first, followed by the primary.
Continue (y/n)? y
VSX Primary Software Update Status     : <VSX primary software update status>
VSX Secondary Software Update Status   : <VSX secondary software update status>
VSX ISL Status                         : <VSX ISL status>
Progress [..........................................................................................]
Secondary VSX system updated completely. Rebooting primary.