Upgrading VSX from 10.02/10.03 to 10.04

Upgrade from ArubaOS-CX 10.02/10.03 to 10.04 by:
  • Running the vsx update-software command: Follow the steps in Upgrading switches by using the vsx update-software command for required steps before and after running the vsx update-software command.

    This command downloads new software from the TFTP server and verifies the download. After a successful verification, the command installs the software to the alternative software bank of both the VSX primary and secondary switches. The command then reboots them in sequence, the VSX secondary switch followed by VSX primary switch. For example if a switch has booted with the primary flash memory, then the command will install the software to secondary flash memory.

  • Running Aruba NetEdit to upgrade to the latest version of VSX. Refer to the Aruba NetEdit documentation.