vsx-sync dns


vsx-sync dns

no vsx-sync dns


Enables VSX synchronization of the global DNS configurations on the primary VSX node to the secondary peer switch. To synchronize DNS configurations associated with particular VRF, you must configure the same VRF on the peer switch.

The no form of this command removes VSX synchronization for global DNS configurations, but it does not remove the feature configurations from the secondary peer switch.

Command context



Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command.


The first line in the following example shows the setting of a DNS configuration. The last two lines of the example show the enabling of VSX synchronization for global DNS configurations.

switch(config)# ip dns domain-name domain.com
switch(config)# vsx
switch(config-vsx)# vsx-sync dns

Disabling VSX synchronization for global DNS configurations:

switch(config)# vsx
switch(config-vsx)# no vsx-sync dns