inter-switch-link peer-detect-interval


inter-switch-link peer-detect-interval <PEER-DETECT-INTERVAL>
no inter-switch-link peer-detect-interval


Sets the amount of time in seconds that the VSX switch waits for the ISL interface to link up after a reboot. If the ISL link does not come up within this time window, the VSX switch declares itself as split from its peer. The default peer detect interval is 300 seconds.

The no form of this command sets the interswitch link protocol peer detect interval to the default of 300 seconds.

Command context




Specifies the peer detect interval in seconds. Required. Range: 60 to 600 seconds.


Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command.


After a VSX switch reboots, the switch waits 5 minutes by default to receive a hello packet before it declares itself to be out-of-sync. The inter-switch-link peer-detect-interval <PEER-DETECT-INTERVAL> command lets you change how long the switch waits to receive the hello packet before the switch declares itself to be out-of-sync.


Setting the peer detect interval to 180 seconds:

switch(config)# vsx
switch(config-vsx)# inter-switch-link peer-detect-interval 180

Restoring the peer detect interval to the default (300 seconds):

switch(config)# vsx
switch(config-vsx)# no inter-switch-link peer-detect-interval