Best practices for loop protect over VSX

  • Enable loop protect on both primary and secondary VSX switches.
  • Do not enable loop protect on the ISL link for the primary and secondary VSX switches.

  • If you enable an action for loop protect, such as do-not-disable, and another action, such as Tx-Rx-Disable, is already in effect, loop protect must be disabled and then re-enabled.

  • If you run the loop-protect action do-not-disable command, on every transmit interval, the loop is detected and the detection is reported through an SNMP trap and an event log message.

    You can view the events for just the loop protect feature by entering the show events -d hpe-lpd command.

  • The total number of VLANs across ports is (ports x VLANs) = 4094 ports per VLAN. Loop protect can be configured on a maximum of 4094 VLANs across all interfaces without updating CoPP policies for loop protect. If your network configuration requires you to configure more VLAN, update your CoPP policies values for loop protect to ensure that you allocate more resources. You can assign a maximum of 10,000 VLANs across all the interfaces.