radius-server tracking


radius-server tracking {interval <INTERVAL> | retries <RETRIES> | user-name <NAME>
                        [password {plaintext <PLAINTEXT-PASSWORD> | ciphertext <CIPHERTEXT-PASSWORD>}]

no radius-server tracking {interval | retries | user-name}


Configures RADIUS server tracking settings globally for all configured RADIUS servers that have tracking enabled with the radius-server host command.

The no form of the command removes the specified configuration, reverting it to its default. The no form with user-name also clears the password (resets it to empty).


Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command.


interval <INTERVAL>
Specifies the time interval, in seconds, to wait before checking the server reachability status. Default: 300. Range 60 to 84600.
retries <RETRIES>

Specifies the number of server retries. Default: Global RADIUS retries. Range: 0 to 5.

user-name <NAME> [password {plaintext <PLAINTEXT-PASSWORD> | ciphertext <CIPHERTEXT-PASSWORD>} ]
Specifies the user name to be used for server checking. The default user name is radius-tracking-user with an empty password.

The user does not have to be configured on the server. Server tracking can still be performed with a user which is not configured on the server because authentication failure on the server achieves confirmation that the server is reachable.

The password for the server tracking user name is optional and may be entered as plaintext or pasted in as ciphertext. The plaintext password is visible as cleartext when entered but is encrypted thereafter. Command history does show the password as cleartext.


Server tracking uses authentication request and response packets to determine server reachability status. The server tracking user name and password are used to form the request packet which is sent to the server with tracking enabled. Upon receiving a response to the request packet, the server is considered to be reachable.


Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command.


Configuring a tracking interval of 120 seconds:

switch(config)# radius-server tracking interval 120

Reverting the tracking interval to its default of 300 seconds:

switch(config)# no radius-server tracking interval

Configuring three retries:

switch(config)# radius-server tracking retries 3

Configuring user radius-tracker with a plaintext password.

switch(config)# radius-server tracking user-name radius-tracker password plaintext track$1

Reverting the tracking user name to its default of radius-tracking-user:

switch(config)# no radius-server tracking user-name