User name requirements


Specifies the user name. Requirements:

  • Must start with a lowercase letter.

  • Can contain numbers and lowercase letters.

  • Can include only these three special characters: hyphens ( - ), dots ( . ), and underscores ( _ ).

  • Can have a maximum of 32 characters.

  • Cannot be empty.

  • Cannot contain uppercase letters.

  • Cannot be: admin, root, or remote_user.

  • Cannot be Linux reserved names such as:

    daemon, bin, sys, sync, proxy, www-data, backup, list, irc, gnats, nobody, systemd-bus-proxy, sshd, messagebus, rpc, systemd-journal-gateway, systemd-journal-remote, systemd-journal-upload, systemd-timesync, systemd-coredump, systemd-resolve, rpcuser, vagrant, opsd, rdanet, _lldpd, rdaadmin, rdaweb, docker_container, tss.