crypto pki application


crypto pki application <APP-NAME> certificate <CERT-NAME>

no crypto pki application <APP-NAME> certificate


Associates a leaf certificate with a feature (application) on the switch. By default, all features are associated with the default, self-signed certificate local-cert. This certificate is created by the switch the first time it starts.

The no form of this command associates the specified feature with the default certificate.

Command context



Specifies the name of a feature on the switch:
  • hsc: Hardware switch controller. Supported on the 8325 switch family.

  • https-server: HTTPS server.

  • syslog-client: Syslog client.

Specifies the name of an installed leaf certificate.


Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command.


Associating the syslog client with the leaf certificate leaf-cert:

switch(config)# crypto pki application syslog-client certificate leaf-cert

Setting the syslog client to use the default certificate:

switch(config)# no crypto pki application syslog-client certificate

Associating the HTTPS server with the leaf certificate leaf-cert2:

switch(config)# crypto pki application https-server certificate leaf-cert2