service export-password


service export-password

no service export-password


Configures a nondefault export password. The export password is used to transform critical security parameters (such as password hashes) into ciphertext suitable for exporting and showing by commands such as show running-config. This transformation enables safe switch configuration import and export.

The no form of this command reverts the export password to its factory default.


All factory-default switches have identical default export passwords. For security, it is recommended that you set the same nondefault export password on every switch in a group that will exchange configuration information. Only switches with identical export passwords can exchange configuration information.

Command context



Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command.


Prompts you twice for the new export password.

The export password must:
  • Contain only ASCII characters from hexadecimal 21 to hexadecimal 7E [\x21-\x7E] (decimal 33 to 126). Spaces are not allowed.

  • Contain at most 32 characters.

  • Not be blank.


Configuring a new export password:

switch(config)# service export-password
Enter password:************
Confirm password:************

Reverting the export password to its factory default:

switch(config)# no service export-password