Auditing tasks (CLI)

When you log on to the switch CLI as a user with auditor rights, you have access to the auditor command context only.

The tasks that can be performed by auditors are as follows. The commands listed are the only commands auditors can execute other than session commands like print, list, and exit. However, auditors can use all command options except as noted. See the command description for each command for complete information about the command.
Task Command or procedure Example
Show event log contents show events
show events -a -r
Show local accounting log contents show accounting log
show accounting log last 10
Copy command output to a remote server or to a local USB drive. copy command-output
copy command-output 
"show events -a -r" 
NOTE: When using the copy command-output command, users with auditor rights can specify the following commands only:

show accounting log

show events