Installing a certificate of a root CA

  • A certificate of a root CA (that is used as the signer).
  • Revocation checking URLs for the CA (optional).

  1. Create a TA profile with the command crypto pki ta-profile which then switches to the created TA profile context.
  2. NOTE:

    This step is optional and suggested only for advanced users.

    Optionally enable certificate revocation checking with the command revocation-check ocsp . Most certificates contain revocation checking URLs for OCSP. If you want to override these URLs, configure custom revocation checking URLs with the command ocsp url .
  3. Import the certificate of the root CA with the command ta-certificate .


This example installs the certificate root-cert and defines custom revocation checking URLs:

switch(config)# crypto pki ta-profile root-cert
switch(config-ta-root-cert)# revocation-check ocsp
switch(config-ta-root-cert)# ocsp url primary
switch(config-ta-root-cert)# ocsp url secondary
switch(config-ta-root-cert)# ta-certificate import terminal
Paste the certificate in PEM format below, then hit enter and ctrl-D:
switch(config-ta-cert)# -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----
switch(config-ta-cert)# MIIDuTCCAqECCQCuoxeJ2ZNYcjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQsFADCBqzELMAEBh
switch(config-ta-cert)# VVMxEzARBgNVBAgMCkNhbGlmb3JuaWExEDAOBgNVBAcMB1JvY2tsDAKBg
switch(config-ta-cert)# BAoMA0hQTjEVMBMGA1UECwwMSFBOUm9zZXZpbGxlMSowKAYDVQocG5zdz
switch(config-ta-cert)# x3WFf3dFZ8o9sd5LVAHneH/ztb9MP34z+le1V346r12L2kpxmTOVJVyTO
switch(config-ta-cert)# BIzD/ST/HaWI+0S+S80rm93PSscEbb9GWk7vshh5EnW/moehBKcE4O1zy
switch(config-ta-cert)# 3LvMLZcssSe5J2Ca2XIhfDme8UaNZ7syGYMsAW0nG7yYHWkEOQu9s
switch(config-ta-cert)# -----END CERTIFICATE-----
The certificate you are importing has the following attributes:
Issuer:  C=US, ST=CA, L=Rocklin, O=Company, OU=Site,
Subject: C=US, ST=CA, L=Rocklin, O=Company, OU=Site,
Serial Number: 12121221634631568498 (0xaea51217d5945772)

TA certificate import is allowed only once for a TA profile
Do you want to accept this certificate (y/n)? y
TA certificate accepted.