tacacs-server timeout


tacacs-server timeout [<1-60>]

no tacacs-server timeout


Specifies the number of seconds to wait for a response from the TACACS+ server before trying the next TACACS+ server. If a value is not specified, a default value of 5 seconds is used. You can override this value with a fine-grained per server timeout configured for individual servers.

The no form of this command resets the TACACS+ global authentication timeout to the default of 5 seconds.

Command context



timeout <1-60>

Specifies the timeout interval of 1 to 60 seconds. The default is 5 seconds.


Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command.


Specifying the TACACS+ server timeout:

switch(config)# tacacs-server timeout 10

Resetting the timeout for the TACACS+ server to the default:

switch(config)# no tacacs-server timeout