SSH server tasks

SSH server tasks are as follows. Simple tasks link to the relevant command description.

Task Command or procedure Example
Enabling the SSH server ssh server vrf ssh server vrf mgmt
Disabling the SSH server ssh server vrf no ssh server vrf mgmt
Generating an SSH host-key pair ssh host-key ssh host-key rsa bits 2048
Clearing the list of trusted SSH servers for your user account ssh known-host remove ssh known-host remove
Showing the SSH server configuration show ssh server show ssh server all-vrfs
Showing the active SSH sessions show ssh server sessions show ssh server sessions all-vrfs
Showing the SSH server host keys show ssh host-key show ssh host-key ecdsa
Restricting SSH to use only certified crypto algorithms ssh certified-algorithms-only ssh certified-algorithms-only
Reverting SSH to use the default set of crypto algorithms ssh certified-algorithms-only no ssh certified-algorithms-only