copy tshark-pcap


copy tshark-pcap <REMOTE-URL> [vrf <VRF-NAME>]


Copies the tshark capture data to a file on a TFTP or SFTP server.

Command context

Manager (#)


Specifies the capture file on a remote TFTP or SFTP server. The URL syntax is:
{tftp:// | sftp://<USER>@} {<IP>|<HOST>} [:<PORT>] [;blocksize=<SIZE>]/<FILE>
vrf <VRF-NAME>

Specifies the name of the VRF to use for the remote URL file transfer. The default is default. The name can be default, mgmt, or a configured VRF instance.


Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command.


Copying the capture data to a file on SFTP server

switch# copy tshark-pcap sftp://root@

root@'s password:
Connected to
sftp> put packets.pcap file.pcap
Uploading packets.pcap to /root/file.pcap
packets.pcap                                  100%  156   219.8KB/s   00:00
Copied successfully.