destination interface


destination interface {<PORT-NUM>|<LAG-NAME>}

no destination interface


Configures the specified interface as the destination of the mirrored traffic.

The no form of this command immediately disables the mirroring session and removes the specified destination interface from the configuration.

Command context




Specifies a physical switch port. Some switches (such as the Aruba 8400 Switch Series) use the format member/slot/port (for example, 1/1/1). Other switches use slot/port (for example, 1/1).


Specifies the LAG (link aggregation group) identifier.


Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command.


Only one destination is allowed per session.

Configuring a different destination interface in an enabled mirroring session causes all mirrored traffic to use the new destination interface. This action might cause a temporary suspension of mirrored source traffic during the reconfiguration.


Configuring a mirroring session and adding a port as a destination:

switch(config)# mirror session 1
switch(config-mirror-1)# destination interface 1/1/1

Configuring a LAG or port as a destination:

switch(config-mirror-1)# destination interface
  LAG-NAME      Enter a LAG name. For example, lag10
  PORT-NUM      Enter a port number

Replacing the existing destination with different interface:

switch(config-mirror-1)# destination interface 1/1/12

Removing the destination completely:

switch(config-mirror-1)# no destination interface