Configuring graceful restart of OSPF routing

OSPF routing can be gracefully restarted on the switch without losing packets that are in transit. OSPF neighbors are informed that the router is completing a graceful restart, which allows for maintenance on the switch without interrupting traffic in the network. There is no effect on the saved switch configuration.


Graceful restart is only applicable to the 6200-VSF, 6300-VSF and 6400, not for 832x switches.

You must be in the router configuration context, as indicated by the switch(config-router)# prompt.

Enable graceful restart of OSPF routing using the following command. For command details, see graceful-restart.

graceful-restart {restart-interval <seconds> | helper}

For example, the following command specifies 50 seconds as the maximum interval another router will wait for this router to gracefully restart.
switch(config-ospf-1)# graceful-restart restart-interval 50