Configuring SPF throttling timers

SPF calculation is throttled with default timer values (start-time 200ms, hold-time 1000ms, max-wait-time 5000ms). You can throttle SPF calculation by configuring non-default timers to improve performance of a specific network configuration.

You must be in the router configuration context, as indicated by the switch(config-router)# prompt.
Reconfigure SPF throttling timers using the following command. For command details, see timers throttle spf

timers throttle spf start-time <milliseconds> hold-time <milliseconds> max-wait-time <milliseconds>

For example, use the following command to set start-time to 500ms, hold-time to 3000ms and max-wait-time to 9000ms:
switch(config-ospf-1)# timers throttle spf start-time 500 hold-time 
3000 max-wait-time 9000