match ip address prefix-list


match ip address prefix-list <PREFIX-LIST-NAME>

no match ip address prefix-list <PREFIX-LIST-NAME>


Matches the destination IP address prefix of the routes with one or more addresses in the prefix list.

The no form of this command restores the default behavior of not matching the destination IP address prefix of the routes to their default value.

Command context




Specifies the name of the prefix list to be matched with the network address of the route.


Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command.


Configuring a prefix list and a match clause in route map to match the prefix list:

switch(config)# ip prefix-list PfxLst permit
switch(config)# route-map GlobalMap permit seq 11
switch(config-route-map-GlobalMap-11)# match ip address prefix-list PfxLst

When the IP prefix list with prefix and mask-length of is used, the route matches default-route as well as any other route. This behavior would be changed to match only the default-route in the next release.