neighbor remove-private-AS


neighbor {<IP-ADDRESS>|<PEER-GROUP-NAME>} remove-private-AS

no neighbor {<IP-ADDRESS>|<PEER-GROUP-NAME>} remove-private-AS


This command forces the BGP neighbor to drop the private AS numbers. When the outbound update contains a sequence of private AS numbers, this sequence is dropped. If the command is configured for peer-group, then all the neighbors that are part of peer-group will remove the private-AS before sending the BGP update message.

The no form of this command allows the private-AS number to be carried in BGP update message.

The neighbor connection must be reset using clear ip bgp neighbor-ip-address to allow this configuration to take effect.

Command context




Specifies an IP address.


Specifies a peer group.


Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command.


switch(config-bgp)# neighbor remove-private-AS
switch(config-bgp)# no neighbor remove-private-AS
switch(config-bgp)# neighbor PG remove-private-AS
switch(config-bgp)# no neighbor PG remove-private-AS