timers bgp



no timers bgp <KEEPALIVE> <HOLDTIME>


The command adjusts BGP network timers.

The no form of this command resets the BGP timers to defaults of 60 seconds for the keepalive timer and 180 seconds for the holdtime timer.

Command context




Sets the value for keepalive timer. Default: 60 seconds. Range: 0-65535.


Sets the value for holdtime timer. Default: 180 seconds. Range: 0-65535.


Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command.


  • The keepalive timer is the number of seconds a BGP peer waits for a keep-alive message from a BGP peer before deciding the connection is down.

    The holdtime timer is the number of seconds a BGP peer waits after not receiving a keepalive, update, or notification message before declaring that a connection with BGP peer is down.

  • When a session is started, BGP negotiates holdtime with the neighbor, and selects the smaller value. The keepalive timer is then set based on the negotiated holdtime and the configured keepalive time.


switch(config-bgp)# timers bgp 100 150
switch(config-bgp)# no timers bgp