reference-bandwidth <bandwidth-value>

no reference-bandwidth


Sets the reference bandwidth for OSPFv3. If the OSPFv3 interface cost is not explicitly set, then the cost of all the OSPFv3 interfaces is recalculated based on the reference bandwidth and link speed of the interface.

For VLAN interfaces the calculated link speed value is 1 Gbps (if the OSPFv3 interface cost is not explicitly set).

The no form of this command sets the reference bandwidth for OSPF to the default of 100000 Mbps.

Command context




Specifies the reference bandwidth used to calculate the cost of an interface in Mbps. Range: 1 to 4000000. Default: 100000.


Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command.


Setting the reference bandwidth:

switch(config)# router ospfv3 1
switch(config-ospfv3-1)# reference-bandwidth 40000

Setting the reference bandwidth to the default value:

switch(config)# routerv3 ospf 1
switch(config-ospfv3-1)# no reference-bandwidth