Procedure to leak routes between nondefault VRFs

Follow the procedure to leak routes between nondefault VRFs:

  1. Create the VRF instances and enter the VRF context.
  2. Configure the route distinguisher (RD) for each VRF.
  3. Configure the appropriate address-family for each VRF.
  4. Configure the BGP route targets.
  5. Associate the VRFs to the interfaces.
  6. Configure IP addresses on the interface.
  7. Enable required IGP protocol (Ex: OSPF) on the VRF.
  8. Configure multiprotocol BGP.
  9. Redistribute the routes (OSPF, static or connected routes) to be leaked into BGP.

    Multiprotocol BGP (MP-BGP) will be used to leak routes between VRFs. To configure MP-BGP, users must configure a separate address-family within BGP for each VRF, and simply redistributes routes (OSPF, static or connected) within that VRF for the routes to be leaked.