area <AREA-ID> stub


area <AREA-ID> stub [no-summary]

no area <AREA-ID> stub [no-summary]


Creates the stub area with <AREA-ID> if not present. If the area is already present and it is not a normal stub area, then this command changes the stub area type to normal. If the no-summary parameter is used, area type will be stub No-Summary.

The no form of this command unsets the area as a stub type. That is, the configured area will be changed to a default normal area. The no area <AREA-ID> stub no_summary command enables sending inter-area routes into the stub area, but will not unset the area as stub.

Command context



Specifies the area ID in one of the following formats.
  • OSPF area identifier in IPv4 address format. Format: A.B.C.D

  • OSPF area identifier in decimal format. Range: 0-4294967295.

stub [no-summary]

Specifies the stub area type. If the area is already present and it is not a stub area, this parameter changes the area type to stub. If no-summary is specified, area type will be stub No-Summary (totally stubby area), which means do not inject summary link advertisements into stub areas.


Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command.


Creating a STUB area:

switch(config)# router ospf 1
switch(config-ospf-1)# area 1 stub
switch(config-ospf-1)# area 1 stub no-summary

Unsetting the area type as stub:

switch(config)# router ospf 1
switch(config-ospf-1) # no area 1 stub
switch(config-ospf-1) # no area 1 sub no-summary