neighbor fall-over


neighbor {<IP-ADDR>|<PEER-GROUP-NAME>} fall-over

no neighbor {<IP-ADDR>|<PEER-GROUP-NAME>} fall-over


Enables BGP fast peering session deactivation. When neighbor fall-over is configured, the BGP process monitors the RIB and if the route to peer is not present in the routing table, it immediately deactivates the peer session without waiting for the hold down timer. It is disabled by default.

The no form of this command disables this feature.

Command context




Specifies an IP address.


Specifies a peer group.


Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command.


Neighbor fall-over does not track connected or static routes to peers. However, this is not an issue when IBGP peering is using a loopback interface. To force a fall-over for connected and static routes, use the command neighbor fall-over bfd.


switch(config-bgp)# neighbor fall-over
switch(config-bgp)# no neighbor fall-over
switch(config-bgp)# neighbor PG fall-over
switch(config-bgp)# no neighbor PG fall-over