Configuring BFD for OSPFv3

Enabling BFD Support for OSPFv3 over IPv6 enables OSPFv3 to register with Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) to receive forwarding path detection failure messages. You can either configure BFD for OSPFv3 globally on all interfaces or configure it selectively on one or more interfaces. BFD creates a session in asynchronous mode as soon as the switch reaches the 2-Way state with a neighbor. Once the session is established BFD will commence sending echos for path failure detection.

There are two methods for enabling BFD for OSPFv3:

  1. Enable BFD for all interfaces enabled for OSPFv3 by using the BFD all-interfaces command in router configuration mode
  2. Enable BFD for a subset of interfaces that have OSPFv3 enabled by using the IPv6 ospfv3 BFD command in interface configuration mode

OSPFv3 needs to be enabled prior to enabling BFD on one or more interfaces.