Configuring CoPP

  1. Configure the default CoPP policy, edit an existing policy, or create a policy with the command copp-policy.
  2. Add, edit, or remove classes in the policy with the command class.
  3. If the policy is not the active policy on the switch, apply it with the command apply copp-policy. (Changes made to an active policy take effect immediately and do not need to be applied.)
  4. Review the CoPP policy configuration settings with the command show copp-policy.


This example creates the following configuration:

  • Defines a new policy named My_CoppPolicy.
  • Adds two classes to the policy.
  • Activates the policy.
  • Displays policy configuration settings.
switch(config)# copp-policy My_CoppPolicy
switch(config-copp)# class igmp priority 6 rate 5000 burst 60
switch(config-copp)# class lacp priority 2 rate 2000 burst 64
switch(config-copp)# exit
switch(config)# apply copp-policy My_CoppPolicy
switch(config)# exit
switch# show copp-policy My_CoppPolicy
class                 drop priority rate kbps burst kB min-max pps       hardware rate kbps
--------------------- ---- -------- --------- -------- ----------------- ------------------
igmp                       6        5000      60       411-9765          5156
lacp                       2        2000      64       164-3906          2343
default                    1        6000      70       494-11718         6093