Matching precedence order

When a packet is matched by multiple TCAM Lookups with the same action, a precedence order is followed.

For example, if a packet matches an IPv6 ACL with a count action and a MAC ACL with a count action, the IPv6 count action takes precedence and the MAC ACL will not count the packet. However, if a packet matches both an ACL and a policy with count actions, both will be counted. Regardless of precedence, if a packet is to be dropped by a configured feature, it will be dropped. Ingress packets do not take precedence over egress packets nor do egress packets take precedence over ingress packets.

The precedence order from highest to lowest is as follows:

Ingress Port IPv6 ACL
Ingress VLAN IPv6 ACL
Ingress Port IPv4 ACL
Ingress VLAN IPv4 ACL
Ingress Port MAC ACL
Ingress Port Policy with IPv6 classes
Ingress Port Policy with IPv4 and/or MAC classes
Ingress VLAN Policy with IPv6 classes
Ingress VLAN Policy with IPv4 and/or MAC classes
Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD)
Ingress IPv4 VSX
Ingress IPv6 VSX
Ingress MAC VSX
IPv6 Control Plane Policing
IPv4 Control Plane Policing
MAC Control Plane Policing
Ingress Routed IPv6 Port Policy
Ingress Routed IPv4 Port Policy
Ingress Routed IPv6 VLAN Policy
Ingress Routed IPv4 VLAN Policy
Ingress Routed IPv6 Unicast Counters
Ingress Routed IPv6 Multicast Counters
Ingress Routed IPv4 Unicast Counters
Ingress Routed IPv4 Multicast Counters
Ingress IPv6 Analytics Data Collection (ADC)
Ingress IPv4 Analytics Data Collection (ADC)

Egress VSX
Egress Routed IPv4 Port ACL
Egress Routed IPv6 Unicast Counters
Egress Routed IPv6 Multicast Counters
Egress Routed IPv4 Unicast Counters
Egress Routed IPv4 Multicast Counters