vsx-sync vsx-global


vsx-sync vsx-global

no vsx-sync vsx-global


Enables VSX synchronization of global VSX configurations on the primary VSX node to the secondary peer.

The no form of the command disables VSX synchronization of global VSX configurations to the secondary peer; however, it does not remove the existing VSX feature configurations from the secondary peer.

Command context





The following commands are synced from primary VSX node to secondary VSX node:
  • inter-switch-link dead-interval <DEAD-INTERVAL>

  • inter-switch-link hello-interval <HELLO-INTERVAL>

  • inter-switch-link hold-time <HOLD-INTERVAL>

  • inter-switch-link peer-detect-interval <PEER-DETECT-INTERVAL>

  • keepalive dead-interval <DEAD-INTERVAL>

  • keepalive hello-interval <HELLO-INTERVAL>

  • keepalive udp-port <PORT-NUM>

  • linkup-delay-timer <DELAY-TIMER>

  • split-recovery

  • system-mac <MAC-ADDR>


The first three lines in the following example show the setting of global VSX configurations. The last line in the example shows the enabling of VSX synchronization for global VSX configurations.

switch(config)# vsx
switch(config-vsx)# inter-switch-link dead-interval 15
switch(config-vsx)# inter-switch-link hello-interval 2
switch(config-vsx)# inter-switch-link hold-time 1
switch(config-vsx)# vsx-sync vsx-global

Disabling VSX synchronization for global VSX configurations:

switch(config)# vsx
switch(config-vsx)# no vsx-sync vsx-global