Keepalive configurations

Task Command Example

Configuring keepalive peer source and VRF.

keepalive peer <IP-ADDR> source <IP-ADDR> [<VRF-NAME>]

switch(config-vsx)# keepalive peer source vrf vrf1

Unconfiguring keepalive.

no keepalive

switch(config-vsx)# no keepalive

Configuring keepalive UDP port.

keepalive udp-port <PORT-NUM>

switch(config-vsx)# keepalive udp-port 2000

Restoring default keepalive UDP port.

no keepalive udp-port

switch(config-vsx)# no keepalive udp-port

Configuring keepalive hello interval.

keepalive hello-interval <HELLO-INTERVAL>

switch(config-vsx)# keepalive hello-interval 3

Restoring default keepalive hello interval.

no keepalive hello-interval

switch(config-vsx)# no keepalive hello-interval

Configuring keepalive dead interval.

keepalive dead-interval <DEAD-INTERVAL>

switch(config-vsx)# keepalive dead-interval 10

Restoring default keepalive dead interval.

no keepalive dead-interval

switch(config-vsx)# no keepalive dead-interval

Default values:
  • Keepalive dead interval: 3 seconds

  • Hello interval: 1 second

  • UDP port for the keepalive protocol: 7678