vsx-sync mclag-interfaces


vsx-sync mclag-interfaces

no vsx-sync mclag-interfaces


Enables the VSX synchronization of VSX LAG interface associations and attributes on the primary VSX switch to the secondary peer switch. The Usage section in this topic provides a listing of specific associations and attributes that are synchronized to the secondary switch.

The no form of this command removes VSX synchronization of global VSX LAG and attributes, but it does not remove the existing VSX LAG feature configurations from the secondary peer switch.

Command context





The VSX LAG interface associations and attributes that support VSX synchronization are:

Supported interface associations:
  • Access lists

  • Policies

  • QoS

  • Rate limits

  • VLANs

Supported attributes:
  • Description

  • LACP

  • Loop-protect

  • QoS trust

This configuration overrides the existing VSX synchronization associations created under the VSX LAG interface context. Also with this configuration, the system blocks further configuration of VSX synchronization associations under the VSX LAG context.


The first four lines in the following example show the creation and configuration of a VSX LAG. The last two lines of the example show the enabling of VSX synchronization for VSX LAG interface associations and attributes.

switch(config)# interface lag 1 multi-chassis
switch(config-lag-if)# access-list ip MY_IP_ACL in
switch(config-lag-if)# rate-limit broadcast 50 kbps
switch(config-lag-if)# qos trust cos
switch(config-lag-if)# exit
switch(config)# vsx
switch(config-vsx)# vsx-sync mclag-interfaces

Disabling the VSX synchronization of VSX LAG interface associations and attributes:

switch(config)# vsx
switch(config-vsx)# no vsx-sync mclag-interfaces