Viewing the show commands for both VSX switches from one switch

You can view the outputs of the show command for the primary and secondary VSX switches from one switch. When you enter a show command with the vsx-peer parameter, the command displays the output from the peer device.

For example, the following command was entered on the primary switch. The vsx-peer parameter indicates to the software to display the output as if the command was entered on the secondary switch.

switch# show vsx status vsx-peer
VSX Operational State
  ISL channel             : In-Sync
  ISL mgmt channel        : operational
  Config Sync Status      : in-sync
  NAE                     : peer_reachable
  HTTPS Server            : peer_reachable

Attribute           Local               Peer
------------        --------            --------
ISL link            lag1                lag1
ISL version         2                   2
System MAC          e0:07:1b:cb:72:e4   98:f2:b3:68:79:2e
Platform            8320                8320
Software Version    10.03.0001          10.03.0001
Device Role         secondary           primary

The show commands that display the file system contents, such as show logging or show core-dump, do not support the vsx-peer parameter.

If the switches lack the VSX configuration or the ISL is down, the output from the VSX peer switch is not displayed.